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Hand Panning, Dark Chocolate Almonds

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Hand Panning, Dark Chocolate Almonds


300g Roasted Almonds

400g Dark chocolate


1x Large Cake Tin

1x Ladle/Spoon


1. Roast almonds at 150 degrees for 15minutes in a fan forced oven.

2. Allow almonds to fully cool, then place in the cake tin.

3. Heat up your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. (See notes)

4. Add in approximately 2-4 tablespoons of chocolate with your ladle and agitate the cake tin in a circular motion to move around the nuts, ensuring you keep the cake tin base on the table.

5. Repeat this process layer by layer to coat the almonds using all of your chocolate.

6. Once all of your chocolate has been applied to the almonds, you can remove them from the tin and remove the excess chocolate. (See notes)

7. Once you have taken out the excess chocolate, re-apply it layer by layer to the almonds.


The hotter your chocolate is, the longer each layer will take to set.


Keep chocolate around 35 degrees, you want it to be warm and fluid but not hot.

To remove the excess chocolate from the tin, take out the almonds and heat the outside of the tin using a hair dryer or you can place the tin in the oven for 2-5 minutes at the lowest temperature and then scrape out the excess.