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Belgian White Chocolate Christmas Bauble 8cm

Belgian White Chocolate Christmas Bauble 8cm


Get ready to unwrap holiday joy with our delightful Chocolate Baubles! These little balls of happiness are packed with 150g of the most heavenly Belgian chocolate you can imagine. Whether you're all about that creamy Milk Chocolate, the mysterious Dark Chocolate, or the dreamy White Chocolate, we've got your taste buds covered.

Each bauble is like a mini canvas, hand-painted with edible gold to add a touch of magic to your festivities. It's not just a treat; it's a work of art! Our Chocolate Baubles make fantastic small gifts that shout out your love for family and friends. Plus, we've thrown in a ribbon so you can hang them on your tree ? the perfect blend of decoration and temptation. Make your holidays extra special, extra delicious, and extra fun with these Belgian chocolate-filled baubles that are practically begging to be shared (or not ? we won't judge!).