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How to store chocolate

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How to store chocolate

One of the most common questions we get asked in our Chocolate making class is "Can I store chocolate in the fridge?" And the simple answer is no (but.....sometimes...yes.) Confusing we know! Being based in Queensland, we understand that in the hotter months you tend to be left with soft and melted chocolate if simply left in an open pantry. Here are a couple of suggestions to help keep your chocolate in the best condition possible. 

Ideally, chocolate loves to be in an airconditioned environment around 15-20 degrees with low humidity (and in summertime don't we all). It is quite sensitive to direct sunlight exposure and it can absorb strong odors. So how do you store it? If you have a dark cool corner, for example at the back of your pantry or even tucked away in a cupboard in the centre of your home, this will be the perfect environment for your chocolate. Chocolate should also be stored in an airtight container without any neighbouring food (peppermint, liquorice, coffee etc) as it will noticeably take on flavours from strong fragrances. 

If chocolate is not stored correctly 'sugar bloom' can occur which forms a thin white layer across your chocolate (pictured below). These are the fats and sugars rising to the surface which can be pulled out from excess moisture exposure. This is not harmful and your chocolate can still be eaten but it can affect the quality and the taste. 

If your house is just too hot and your only option is to store your chocolate in the fridge this is what you need to do. First wrap it tightly with cling wrap and place in an airtight container. When it is time to consume your chocolate, take it out a couple of hours before so it has enough time to slowly come up to room temperature. 

Although if you love chocolate as much as we do it is likely your chocolate will not last long enough to store, so why not come and buy it fresh from our Newstead Flagship store.