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About Us

The New Farm Confectionery Story

New Farm Confectionery was created after a trip to the confectionery filled city of Paris, France. For many years I have realised that in Australia we tend to relegate confectionery to the kids. All those garish, artifically coloured sweets that do not taste like anything that is natural. Where, in Paris there are many shops dedicated to confectionery for adults. Beautiful, bountiful shops that are bursting with marshmallows made with only the finest ingredients, delicious salted caramels that are packaged with minimum fuss and appeal to the adult eye.
All of these scrumptious sweets made me all too aware that we are missing out in Australia. These delicious goodies aren't just for children. We should have yummy treats that we can enjoy without feeling guilty. They should be made with the highest quality of ingredients, flavoured with delicious fruit and be packaged with the adult buyer in mind. I think I have come up with a great product. Try them yourself and embrace your inner child who misses the luxury of a little sweet, now and again.