Rose Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Rose Chocolate Truffles
makes 16 truffles  

200g melted Milk Chocolate
60g Turkish Delight cut into 8 small pieces
120g crushed Plain Sweet Biscuit
60g desiccated Coconut
5g Rose Petals (or other dried edible flower)
5ml Rose Water
40ml Pure Cream
250g extra melted Milk Chocolate for dipping truffles

Mix 200g chocolate, biscuit crumbs, rose water, cream and coconut together in a bowl
Take a small piece of the mix and roll into a ball
Press a piece of turkish delight into the middle of the ball and roll again to make sure it is covered in chocolate and round
Place on a lined tray and allow to set for 5 minutes
Place the extra melted chocolate into a bowl and using a fork dip the set balls into the melted chocolate and place on the tray
Decorate each truffle with rose petals while the chocolate is still wet 
Place in fridge and allow to set for 10 minutes before eating