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French Easter Traditions

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French Easter Traditions

Easter at New Farm Confectionery is one of the busiest and most exciting times of the year. You will see our Chocolatiers through the window at our Newstead flagship store, hand-crafting eggs and bunnies 24 hours per day ready for instore purchases and delivery.

With Easter in full swing we had the pleasure of hiring a new Chocolatier to help us out, Adrien. With years of experience training and working in France we were delighted to learn some of Frances Easter traditions and were intrigued to say the least.  

Here in Australia hopping around delivering Easter eggs is the Easter Bilby, an endangered small mammal with big ears which is native to Australia. Whereas across the world in France you will not find a bunny or even an animal delivering your eggs, instead they are delivered by flying church bells which are believed to have flown to Rome where they are blessed by the Pope. He then presents the bells with chocolate treats and they fly them back to France for Easter Sunday morning.  

The differences between our two countries traditions however does not stop there. You will find an array of different flavoured Easter eggs and bunnies at our flagship store, ranging from honeycomb to rocky road and not to mention our famous salted caramel mini eggs but in France the most popular Easter item to buy and gift is a chocolate fish. You will find many shop windows adorned with extravagant and beautiful Easter displays including hand painted fish, bells and the more common offering eggs and bunnies. 

No matter how different our traditions are one thing remains the same, Easter is a time for family, friends and most importantly CHOCOLATE!